Vegan Food Events Penzance Cornwall

A Festive Vegan Potluck is taking place Friday 16 December 2016 from 6-730pm at Redwing Gallery in Penzance, and all are welcome.  The theme is Celebrating Animals in Art, Poetry, and Song so you could bring a poem or song to share, and beautiful animal-themed artwork by local artists will be on  display.

There will be a stall of animal info, and if you are busy or lack inspiration you could consider bringing something simple like salad or nuts or non-alcoholic drinks or chocolate, or else just drop in for a chat and a cup of Redwing’s fine Cuban coffee from their vegan*n cafe.  Might be  a good chance to talk about any events you’d like to see next year too.  Also please do  provide a label and possibly recipe info for your dishes, and note that this is an alcohol-free, pet-free and smoke-free event.

You can download invites from this link to print out on paper:  PRINT INVITES  (they often print better if dowloaded, then printed, not printed from the browser) And please do get in touch if you have ideas or would like to help or contribute:
email: [email protected]

Setup is from 5pm on the day, so you can bring your yummy vegan stuff then if you like.

Suggestions for future events have included film showings, quizzes, performances, an inexpensive themed vegan evening meal, or a whole exhibition about animals, or an exhibition about food. Or just another enjoyable food tasting!

The original free lunch in Penzance in May 2015 was a big success, serving a free buffet all vegan lunch to about 75 appreciative people at Redwing Gallery. Before eating, each guest also answered a random food knowledge question, providing some food for thought as well.  For example, is there a vegan in Star Trek?  Do cows eat badgers? What is vegan pizza? So a big thank you to all, especially the 16 or so people who prepared, donated and served food, information and inspiration.

To arrange another free food tasting in 2017 in Penzance we need people to make food and provide information to our guests, so any help you can give is very welcome. Several local businesses provided luscious samples at the popular first food tasting held in 2014, and we are very happy to showcase your vegan products too.  So please do contact us if you’d like to see this happen. Ideas welcome!