Your Free Lunch in Penzance

This original free lunch in Penzance in May 2015 was a big success, serving a free buffet all vegan lunch to about 75 appreciative people at Redwing Gallery. Before eating, each guest also answered a random food knowledge question, providing some food for thought as well. For example, is there a vegan in Star Trek? Do cows eat badgers? What is vegan pizza? So a big thank you to all, especially the 16 or so people who prepared, donated and served food, information and inspiration.

This is the original announcement:

Hello and welcome to your local free lunch on Saturday 2 May 2015 from 12 to 2pm at the Redwing Gallery in Penzance, brought to you by some kind and generous local vegans.  Try it and you will probably like it, very much, and meet some nice people. Redwing are located at 36A Market Jew Street Penzance TR18 2HT, just between Supervolt and the Crown Inn and opposite the Wharfside shopping complex.

The free cake food tasting event for world vegan day in Cornwall in November 2014 was well-attended and tasty, and so by popular demand this year we are bringing Penzance a free lunch.   And we could use your help to share this cruelty-free cuisine with more people and make it even better, so please do contact us or join the mailing list via the subscribe box on each page of this site.

Redwing Gallery,  who are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, are kindly hosting us again and if you can help us with any of the following it would be very much appreciated, even if you can’t come on the day.  Possibly there is a hall somewhere with these items just sitting around ready to be used for a day ?

  • More chairs, for example folding ones
  • Hotplate or heated serving as used in catering
  • Food
  • Information about food-related issues and services (animal free)
  • Your cruelty free products or services
  • Greeting, Serving, Cleaning, Inspiring

Why, you may ask, are we seeking ideas, questions and information? Because this is a truly free lunch where we can take a fresh look at assumptions about how food is produced and shared, and the costs to society and the wider world.  How can we have wealth and hunger side by side and food being thrown away?  Why are animals treated badly?  Why is food fed to animals and not  people? What is Fair Trade?  Or should we just all go to ?

To get your free lunch you just need to turn up and briefly answer a thought provoking random food question, and we can help you on the day.  There aren’t really any wrong answers, and everyone will get their meal!  And maybe food for the mind too.

Printable invites and a leaflet are available now to download and print from this site, and you can see  the day’s menu here.



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