Menu 2015

All the food served at this lunch is donated by people and businesses out of the kindness of their hearts.  Everyone gets to enjoy a tasty meal and feel for themselves just how satisfying this food is.   It’s all cruelty-free cuisine, meaning it is free of animal products and suitable for vegans, and generally very healthy and affordable.

We’ll be listing here the food we know we will have, so you can look forward to it, and decide what you’d like to bring if you want to contribute.  Help is very welcome and it really helps if you tell us what you plan to bring, as well as please providing a label or card saying what it is and the ingredients and list possible allergens such as nuts, and also –  if you like  – who made it and even a recipe.   If you are a business and also want to supply a business card, or literature, we love that, and will mention you, and thank you,  and link to you too.  There will also be some samples of other food to taste, and if you aren’t free on the day you could leave something off in advance, or get someone to bring it in for you on the day.  We’ll be setting up from 11am so please do come early if you want to help – we do need help serving too.

Animal Free Menu – so far – for Saturday 2 May 2015 Penzance

  • Barley risotto with sundried tomatoes, olives and toasted seeds from the Bleujennow Vegan B&B in Penzance
  • Carrot Cake (vegan) from the Apple Tree Cafe at Sennen – just before Land’s End
  • Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from
  • Soup from WAC – Whole Again Communities in Penzance
  • Vegan pizza from in Penzance
  • Bhajees from Gazelle St Ives
  • Lettuce provide by artist  Ann Bennett-Lofthouse
  • Traditional Belizian Soul Food: red Kidney bean and onions in coconut cream with pitta
  • Vegan sausage & veg casserole
  • Mixed beans, leek and mushroom dish
  • Sushi (sticky rice wrapped in seaweed)
  • Sweet potato brownies
  • Hummus (chic pea spread)
  • Oatcakes
  • Vegan biscuits
  • Vegan cupcakes
  • Fresh pan-baked Italian flatbread
  • Pate (vegan) could be mushroom or other flavours
  • Rich dark apricot buckwheat and ginger cake
  • Potatoes provided by, makers of Biochar soil improver

At the food tasting in November the vegan pizza, vegan cheese and vegan sausage samples were popular, and spreads and salad usually are as well. But why not be adventurous, or raw, or gluten-free?

And it would even be nice to make use of waste food, typically out-of-date food from shops or food rejected by supermarkets because it is not the right size or shape. Last year someone arranged a whole cafe meal for 35 from waste food in Penzance. Foraged food would be nice too!